Companies and Teams need to change and grow to succeed. We can bring a different perspective, experience and expertise to you and your business team. We can help you think differently, and we can help you work on the business, not in the business.

We understand the challenges companies face on a regular basis. We’ve see them all before

We understand companies and leaders face challenges and opportunities that require teams to think differently in support of business goals, and who rely on people to stay adaptive and productive and innovative.

That’s where we come in. With us, your growth will be at the centre of our focus.


We can bring a range of skills into your business. We can help you develop as a leader, help you clarify and quantify business goals, and we can help you develop those goals and aims into a clear business strategy and plan for growth. And we can help you put systems and processes in place to achieve those goals, and ensure that your policies are implemented in an efficient manner.



Since my teens I have enjoyed outdoor and adventure sports. I enjoy climbing mountains, hike on a regular basis, mountain bike most weekends and enjoy nothing more than a ski trip with friends. Unlike team and field sports, adventure sports are not about measuring you or your team against the opposition. They are much more about a personal challenge, and allowing individuals to develop, grow, and find a sense of personal fulfilment. I’ve always been fascinated by the analogies between adventure sport and business, and how we can apply the lessons learned in one to the other.

Mountain climbing and hiking is a great place to bring vision, purpose and communication – without clear purpose and clear communication, the wilderness can become a dangerous place. There are so many lessons to be learnt about leadership, direction, communication and teamwork. We can take those lessons and help you apply them to business. That’s how Iridium evolved. As a mountaineering colleague said to me recently “Everyone on your team needs to understand where you are going, and everyone needs to understand what you are trying to achieve”

I was talking about climbing a particular mountain with some friends of mine a few months ago. One of them said to me “Peter, I wouldn’t be able to do that”. Another friend turned to him and said “Hey John, we could do that”.


That’s the difference between “I” and a “Team”. I can’t, We can. We help businesses work as teams.


We help you, the leader, clarify the goal you want to achieve and we help you work out the route to achieve that success.


We’ll bring our business experience and expertise Iridium helps equip leaders with the tools, skills and mindset necessary to meet the challenges along the way.